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Pro-Tect UK Security & Training
established in 2003

We provide an Asset Security Tracking Service for road transport
throughout the UK and Europe, tailored to your exact business needs

pro tect asset security tracking uk and europe



A high value asset is usually well protected when in its normal environment. Once the asset is in transit it is at its most vulnerable. There is an increasing trend that thieves see high value goods in transit as “easy pickings” and insurance premiums are steadily increasing, along with the threat.

Pro-Tect UK offers

  • A security service tailored to road transport in the UK and across Europe
  • Reducing your insurance premiums
  • Secure GPS trackers, allowing you to know where your goods are at any time.

Firstly we see the goods loaded onto the transport vehicle and then we place a GPS tracker on or in the cargo.

The vehicle is then secured and escorted by one of our covert escort vehicles to its final destination. The vehicle is NEVER left unattended and at all times a live track is fed, via the internet, to the escort vehicle’s on-board computer.

Once at the final destination, the seals are checked, broken, the cargo unloaded and our tracker recovered.

Constant Monitoring Provides
feedback for your Peace of Mind

As a client you will be given a password to access the live track on your PC in the office or at home enabling you to monitor your cargoes progress on its journey. You will also be sent email and/or SMS messages at certain points along the route.

Should you wish, photographs can be taken of the vehicles security seals at the start of, during and end of the journey. These photographs can be emailed to you within a minute of being taken.

FULL Range of options
to suit you exact needs

Dependent on the value and nature of the cargo security measures can include; full route planning and reconnaissance, liaison with Police Control Rooms along the route, having an Officer in the cab with the driver or for higher risk cargoes we can provide an overt Escort Vehicle.

All or any combination, of these options, will enable your cargo to reach its destination intact and keep your staff safe.

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