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Pro-Tect UK Security & Training
established 2003

We ensure the safety of lone workers with traditional ad-hoc visits and advanced active GPS tracking systems

lone worker security

Lone Worker
SECURITY & Welfare Checks

Pro-tect UK employees utilise the latest technology to ensure the security and safety of your staff when working alone.

Active track personal GPS units are provided which allows:

  • Immediate response when deployed using real-time online tracking
  • 2 way communication
  • Man down recognition
  • Panic button which enables sending of an alarm signal, data & voice for a rapid support response

Aimed at businesses such as petrol stations, convenience shops etc where there are staff working
on their own
. We can visit them ad hoc at your instruction or monitor them throughout their shift via
our check call monitoring process.

Ensuring the Safety & Security
of your staff

New to 2016, we also now offer lone worker monitoring using our dedicated smartphone app.

The app is downloaded to staff members phones, and used to log on and off site. in addition to logging start and finish times, the app can also be used for hourly check in's, where the employee is required to log in and confirm their welfare check. In the event of a missed check, this is then esculated to our control room staff, who will make contact via telephone. If the control room can not make contact we can then deploy someone to site.

Additional Benefits

In addition, whilst our emplyees are logged in using the app, it can also be used to

  • Geo locate our employees
  • Give an accurate record of their patrol routes

This provides accurate proof of attendance where a client may require this.


"They are a joy to do business with and gave us a first class flexible service........

Richard Barnes BSc(Hons) MRICS
Senior Quantity Surveyor
Johnson construction

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